Beharry Stockbrokers Limited was founded on 12th March 1993 by our late Chairman Mr. Edward B. Beharry. The source of business financing was limited to borrowing from local financial institutions, namely Commercial Banks which engage in short term financing. Sensing the need for longer term funds to stimulate growth, trading in shares, developing the bond market, underwriting and development of non traditional instruments BSL became the pre-cursor to these new activities. BSL is part of the Beharry Group of Companies established since 1935 which comprises some of the most established and progressive businesses in Guyana and the Region. It’s operations now include Commercial and Merchant Banking, Food Manufacturing, Margarine, butters, ice-creams and detergents, Insurance life, fire, motor, marine and general, and Automotive interests. The Beharry Group is a family business started six decades ago as a humble operation with just three employees. Today, staff population has grown to over 1500 persons. Continuing in the family tradition, three generations of Beharry’s now manage this conglomerate. Family pride may have a lot to do with the continued success of the organization as the Beharry name is literally always on the line, in every product and service offered to the public.
BSL pioneered the call exchange in Guyana trading in over $3 billion (USD $15 million) in stocks since its inception. The services of BSL were utilized in the acquisition of GBTI Guyana’s second largest commercial bank. The company has a combined 60 years of experience in the International, regional and local financial markets, and stands ready to share this experience with our clients.
In keeping with our commitment to service to our clients our website will be up shortly where customers can get online quotes, access FAQ’s, sign up for an account online and many more services including research and analysis.



Board of Directors

  • Mrs. Indermattie Beharry ---- Chairperson
  • Mr. Rabindranauth Beharry ---- Director/Corporate Secretary
  • Edward Anand Beharry --- Executive Director
  • Indergeet Beharry --- Director
  • Suresh Beharry --- Director
  • Anil Beharry --- Director

Our Key Team Members

  • Jairam Ramjeawan --- Floor Trader



Contact us:

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Tel: (592) 227-2526, 227-1349, 225-0632-5
Fax: (592) 225-6062
Address: 191 Charlotte St, Lacytown, Georgetown, Guyana. South America



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