Trust Company (Guyana) Limited was formerly Royal Bank Trust Company (Guyana) Limited a wholly owned subsidiary of The Royal Bank of Canada. The Company was incorporated in 1965. In 1984 The Royal Bank of Canada ceased business in Guyana and the Trust Company was bought by private shareholders.

The Company is licensed under the Financial Institutions Act and offers a wide range of services including traditional trusteeship services, investment, brokerage, registrar and trustees of pension schemes since its inception.



Contact Details

Trust Company (Guyana) Limited
11 Lamaha Street, Queenstown, Georgetown, Guyana

Tel: 592-227 2654-7 and 592-227-2659.

Fax: 592-227-2828

Email: trust@trustcompanygy.com


General Manager

The General Manager of Trust Company (Guyana) Limited is Mrs. Chandra Gajraj. Mrs. Gajraj has been in the employment of the Company for over 30 years. She is also Corporate Secretary of Demerara Bank Limited.


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