The following securities are eligible for trading on the GASCI Exchange by virtue of their being registered with the Guyana Securities Council:








RBL Republic Bank Guyana Limited Ord  

BTI Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry Ord  
  CBI Citizens Bank Guyana Inc Ord  

DIH Banks DIH Limited Ord  


JPS J.P. Santos & Company Limited Ord  
  CCI Caribbean Container Inc. Ord  



DTC Demerara Tobacco Company Limited Ord  



GSI Guyana Stockfeeds Incorporated Ord  



SPL Sterling Products Limited Ord  



DBL Demerara Bank Limited Ord  


DDL Demerara Distillers  Limited Ord  

PHI Property Holdings Incorporated Ord


GTI Globe Trust & Investment Company Limited Ord

* Type of Security - Ord is Ordinary Shares of no par value.