The Archive of GASCI Trading Information from previous sessions is arranged in the following hierarchy:


JANUARY                                FEBRUARY                                MARCH   

Session545                             Session549                                Session553

Session546                             Session550                                Session554

Session547                             Session551                                Session555                              

Session548                             Session552                                Session556                        



APRIL                                     MAY                                           JUNE

Session558                             Session562                                Session566

Session559                             Session563                                Session567

Session560                             Session564                                Session568

Session561                             Session565                                Session569



JULY                                       AUGUST                                    SEPTEMBER

Session571                             Session575                                Session579

Session572                             Session576                                Session580

Session573                             Session577                                Session581

Session574                             Session578                                Session582



OCTOBER                               NOVEMBER                              DECEMBER

Session584                              Session588                               Session592

Session585                              Session589                               Session593

Session586                              Session590                               Session594

Session587                              Session591                               Session595