The Archive of GASCI Trading Information from previous sessions is arranged in the following hierarchy:


JANUARY                                FEBRUARY                                MARCH   

Session441                             Session446                                Session450

Session442                             Session447                                Session451

Session443                             Session448                                Session452

Session444                             Session449                                Session453




APRIL                                       MAY                                              JUNE

Session454                             Session458                                Session462

Session455                             Session459                                Session463

Session456                             Session460                                Session464

Session457                             Session461                                Session465



JULY                                         AUGUST                                     SEPTEMBER

Session466                             Session471                                Session475

Session467                             Session472                                Session476

Session468                             Session473                                Session477

Session469                             Session474                                Session478




OCTOBER                               NOVEMBER                               DECEMBER

Session479                             Session484                                Session488

Session480                             Session485                                Session489

Session481                             Session486                                Session490

Session482                             Session487                                Session491

Session483                                                                                   Session492