The Archive of GASCI Trading Information from previous sessions is arranged in the following hierarchy:


JANUARY                                FEBRUARY                                MARCH   


Session493                             Session497                                Session501

Session494                             Session498                                Session502

Session495                             Session499                                Session503

Session496                             Session500                                Session504


APRIL                                       MAY                                              JUNE


Session505                             Session510                                Session514

Session506                             Session511                                Session515

Session507                             Session512                                Session516

Session508                             Session513                                Session517



JULY                                       AUGUST                                     SEPTEMBER


Session518                             Session523                                 Session527

Session519                             Session524                                 Session528

Session520                             Session525                                 Session529 

Session521                             Session526                                 Session530   

Session522                                                                                Session531


OCTOBER                               NOVEMBER                               DECEMBER

Session532                             Session536                                 Session540

Session533                             Session537                                 Session541

Session534                             Session538                                 Session542

Session535                             Session539                                 Session543