The Archive of GASCI Trading Information from previous sessions is arranged in the following hierarchy:


October                                        November                                  December

Session118                                 Session123                               Session127

Session119                                 Session124                               Session128

Session120                                 Session125                               Session129

Session121                                 Session126                               Session130




July                                               August                                        September

Session105                                 Session109                               Session114

Session106                                 Session110                               Session115

Session107                                 Session111                               Session116

Session108                                 Session112                               Session117


April                                              May                                              June

Session092                                Session096                                Session101

Session093                                Session097                                Session102

Session094                                Session098                                Session103

Session095                                Session099                                Session104




January                                      February                                     March

Session080                               Session084                                Session088

Session081                               Session085                                Session089

Session082                               Session086                                Session090

Session083                               Session087                                Session091